Special Announcements in June - 5/10/2015

Our new company name, and product website.

Two new product announcements.

Product News - 1/10/2015

Autonomous self repairing, replicating,  resource extracting, manufacturing robots will require robotic controllers that run out of the box without the need to pre-program for specific robot implementations. Our latest R&D efforts support AI Out of the Box.

We are working hard on new functionality in the RMDMIA. The framework now auto-generates, compiles, and executes code for new Sensor Connections on the fly (RCSM plugin users (ROS plugin users can download our client and connect to any robot, and access all hardware without the need to run complex build programs or scripts)).

Our latest ROS support includes ROSBag recorder functionality. Our Android client will introduce a compilation service, for dynamic compilation of .msg, .srv, and .action Objects.

Our RMDMIA software downloads on the website are outdated, and in the interim we are working on revenue generating activities, that require us to hold back on a new release until we determine our next release strategy. We are eager to share our work with the Robotic community, and will make an attempt to demonstrate our technology advancements with online demonstration videos.

Product News - 8/31/2014

Thanks to the DRCSim team at OSRF for adding support for Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty). We are working on enhancements to launch a RMDMIA for ROS client without manual configuration steps. We expect the next Preview 1 slipstream will remove the need to configure ROS Service Types, and MD5Sums. The only remaining required manual configuration step will be importing the topic MD5Sums. All remaining configuration will be dynamic.

RMDMIA for ROS Technology Preview 1 support for the Gazebo Simulator is in the works. Gazebo registered topics in the Atlas DRC Simulator are not functioning, and we expect to resolve these issues in the upcoming Slipstream. 

Release Announcement - 6/24/2014

 RMDMIA for ROS Technology Preview 1 for Android/Java - Slipstream 8

UDPROS protocol support added to RMDMIA slipstream 8 release. This release includes major bug fixes, new functionality, and feature enhancements.

We are building the most flexible, developer friendly, high performance ROS Client for Java. Its time to share our ROS Client with the Java Development Community. We need input on our new Robotic Controller platform, and we will be releasing incremental components to our autonomous robotic framework to Java developers. Developer registration will be required to download and use our new components. We will strongly encourage Java developers to make the RMDMIA Framework their Robotics platform for Java (Registration required).


  • Java based ROS Client integrated with TCPROS & UDPROS protocol implementations. (UDPROS is broken until the next slipstream).
  • Automated performance tuning for autonomous robotic systems (will be included in next slipstream).
  • Automated Topic/Service Discovery
  • Graphical Configuration Tool (Java only)
  • Low level datastream reader
  • A single consistent API for ROS that does not require compilation or complicated configurations to run.
  • RCSM ROS Provider API Documentation

Here is a screenshot of the ROS Configuration Manager.


RMDMIA Framework Technology Preview 1 for Android/Java


The Java based Robotic Software Controller Framework for the RMDMIA for Android/Java(Robotic Mission Decision Manager Intelligent Agent). API Documentation, and framework included. The RMDMIA Framework is a plugin/provider framework that is flexible enough that a developer can write a User Interface plugin that works across multiple Robotic Hardware Control Systems. This Technology Preview Release includes a configurable Timer Service, RCSM (Robot Control System Messenger) API, and ROCI (Robot Operator Control Interface) API. Implementers of ROCI, & RCSM interfaces will be able to post there plugins/providers/RMDMIA components to the Happy Artist Marketplace in the near future.